an outfit full of must haves.


I have been on a mission to start updating and fine tuning my wardrobe now that I've been consistently working on my body and dropping weight and inches that it made sense to talk about what makes up my best basics outfits that I use as inspiration when I get dressed everyday. 



I am a firm believer in the power of a bodysuit - it squeezes EV.ER.YTHING in and makes you look tight as hell and there's so many different styles out there you can get super sexy and go full lace to the club almost as if you're wearing lingerie or you can show a hint of skin like I'm doing with a super basic but staple bodysuit I snagged from southmoonunder - the brand is free people. 


literally nothing to explain here. every outfit post I put on instagram or this blog has one of my three denim jackets included in it. this one I snagged from Zara last summer and when I first got it, it was wayyy too tight and now its super loose which makes me so happy because that means the weightloss is real and im not imagining it. 



the idea of wearing high waisted jeans a couple of years ago would've sent me to the ER on a stretcher from passing out cold. I hated my body and my love handles were just no so I stayed far away from anything high waist and gradually I realized how much they help your problem areas and make you look good.


gotta block the haters out! 

what does your must have basic outfit consist of?

drop a comment below and let me know =]

there is no time limit for healing.

You heal—one piece, one fragment, one crack at a time—because you can, because you deserve to.
— Marisa Donelly

2017 was the year I told myself it was time to be honest about my depression and accept that it is and always will be a part of me, but instead of using it as a crutch to keep me a prisoner in my mind i needed to let the pain in and begin to heal. I realized you can't force yourself to heal or speed up the process, you have to break yourself apart and begin stitching yourself back together. I am in the process of this madness. I am slowly but surely breaking myself piece by piece and finding out who i am and what i need to work on in order to become the best version of myself. its a messy process and sometimes i take a peek at her in the mirror and get confused at the person who is staring back at me because i can't seem to recognize her but i know i'm beginning to love her. i'm recognizing and processing the childhood trauma, i'm letting it all in and i'm letting it break me apart so we can work on putting me back together. 

Healing is a process. A process we sometimes feel guilty for as emotions we don’t like come to the surface. But it’s those emotions that are essential to moving on and at 27 i'm finally ready to open up myself and heal so i can move on and become better instead of bitter.